About the Group

Your Partner in Valves
The Econosto Group, founded in 1892, is a rapidly growing company , with production and technical retail businesses in more than twenty five countries and with more than 2,500 employees. The activities of the Econosto Group are accommodated mainly in two divisions : The Flow and Sealing Technology Division and The Comfort and Environment Technology Division.

The Flow and Sealing Technology Division is involved in the production, sale and distribution of valves, gaskets, and sealing products, hoses and couplings, rubber and engineering plastics, instrumentation and anti vaporization systems. The retail and production companies that form the Comfort and Environment Technology Division are involved in the sale and production of main components, systems and services for achieving a comfortable climate in residences, offices, factories and public buildings. The activities of this division are subdivided into four clusters: heating, air treatment, ventilation and renewable energy technology.

Global Manufacturer & Supplier
Worldwide the Flow and Sealing Technology Division supplies industrial companies with a full range of products. Econosto is a manufacturer and supplier of products for a large number of industrial applications: gate, globe, check and ball valves, gaskets and sealing products, hoses and couplings, technical rubber and engineering plastics, measuring instruments and anti vaporization systems. That's why we are increasingly present on the international markets. Our enormous buying power and knowledge of the market, own production facilities and an advanced order processing and distribution system guarantee maximum product availability.