At Econosto, we do not just have learning down to a science. Your Econosto education experience begins the first day you walk through the door, and continues each day of your career. Every step of the way you’re learning, growing, and building yourself—getting ready to meet the next challenge that comes your way.
In today's tough market conditions, results and performance mean everything. The desire to increase effectiveness and performance has led many organizations to rethink their approach to staff development. The Econosto Academy represents the pinnacle of in-house training solutions.

New Joiner Orientation and the core curriculum
Soon after joining Econosto, you will attend New Joiner Orientation. This one day class experience gives you the essential knowledge you need to launch your Econosto career, whether you are straight out of university or a workforce veteran. You will get the specific information you need as an Econosto employee.

New Joiner Orientation is just the first element of your Econosto education curriculum. Your curriculum is the set of courses and learning experiences that you complete to give you the basic, foundational knowledge you need to succeed at each level of your Econosto career. You will join your colleagues from all over the world, either virtually or live, as you collaborate and learn together.

And learning is not just about courses. We know that for every hour you spend in a training course, you spend many more hours on-the-job. With the support you get from our very own Econosto Academy, as well as the feedback you get from your supervisors and colleagues, you will be learning every minute of every day of your Econosto career.

Our commitment to training… and to you. The Econosto Academy
If you are like most people, training is an important factor in choosing an employer. And you may be comparing the total training provided by different organizations to help decide.

Another unique aspect of your Econosto education experience is the idea of “leaders teaching leaders.” Many of our classroom courses are facilitated by Econosto leaders who teach from their own experience, having experienced many of the successes and challenges you will face on the job. It is a great way to learn, and a great opportunity for Econosto people to contribute and pass on what they have learned.

The future of learning
As excited as we are about the Econosto Academy experience, we know there is always room to improve. We continually review and revise our learning products, ensuring they are up-to-date with the latest ideas, information and needs of the marketplace.